Periods suck. Duh.

You know what sucks more? Travelling/moving WHILE ON YOUR PERIOD. Yep. That sucks!

I’m the lucky person who got to experience almost all of her travels with Aunt Flo visiting!

Almost every travel I’ve ever been in, I got my first day of my monthly period. So it’s pretty safe to say that I have become a sort of ‘expert’ on travelling with one’s period. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the course of these moments:



When you feel like you’ve gotten your period, rush to the bathroom right before the trip. If you’ve been feeling some cramps a few days before, its nice to check yourself every now and then. When you assured that you have it, acknowledge it. Don’t try to deny that you have it so it will be easier for you to adjust yourself. YOU HAVE IT. SO LIVE WITH IT.


Once you have recognized that you do have your monthly visitor, think about how heavy your flow might be; Sometimes it’s a pattern, other times you may just feel it. Pack the right number of pads/tampons (I’m more of a pads person so I really don’t know what to do if you use tampons.) It may also depend on how many hours you’ll be planting your butt down in a chair. It’s been said that to change every 4 hours so try to consider that. Pack the right amount considering the hours of your trip and the heaviness of your flow. What I do is since I get my heaviest at the second day and the hours of the trip is 5 hours, I pack 5. Just try to imagine yourself in that situation already.

Another thing I try to do is depend on how many stops you will make along your trip. What I also do is one pad per stop.
I also suggest to wear a night pad since you will be sitting for hours.



Before you step into that car make sure that your pad is fresh. I know this sounds super obvious but it really works! Make sure the pad is brand new before you leave for your trip.


If you get cramps often (like me!) It’s safe to drink medicine (ibuprofen etc.) before your trip to ease your period pains.


It might not look full but this will make you thank the heavens. Better safe than sorry! (especially if you’re renting the car!) If you’re riding an airplane, I suggest changing every after you wake up or after a meal.


It’s pretty obvious that the colour you should wear is black to avoid showing the stains but also try to dress lightly. Avoid some additional layers if you don’t need it. The less items of clothing you wear the easier it will be to change in the comfort room. Dressing lightly will also give you enough air to breathe since its already cramped up down there.


Put a white towel on your seat to prevent staining the car seat. I haven’t personally tried this but I think it will be effective.


If you feel like you need to change, then go! Trust your gut on this. It’s your personal body alarm! If you feel it’s going to be heavy, then trust it. There’s nothing wrong with being extra cautious.

You might also consider bringing the following, just in case!

  1. Extra pair of underwear and a change of bottoms ( pants, skirt etc).
  2. Vicks Vaporub or any other cream you use to ease period pains.
  3. Hair ties or anything to keep your hair together (it might get annoying with long hair in the comfort room)
  4. SWEETS. these make periods way better!
  5. Compress bag (You can fill these up with hot water on the plane or at a stop!)
  6. Pillow. Having your period can make you feel grouchy!

As much as possible, pack all you need in one bag/pouch so you won’t have to rummage every part of your bag just to get medicine or a tampon. Make sure this bag is put in your carry-on (of course!). Just make sure its super convenient to you! 

Mastering this might take a lot of work but if you get to experience this over 2-3 times, you’ll get the hang of it!  I know some of these are very obvious but I just want to share how I survive almost every trip on my period and some ideas I did get from each experience! I hope these helped you even though some of them are pretty obvious!

Have a great trip!

See ya,


Have any more tips? Leave them in the comments section below and lets help our fellow sisters in these times!


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